Private nation building

"Per capita, Australia is the third-richest nation on earth by economic output, according to International Monetary Fund figures from last year. We have $2 trillion in superannuation funds, the fourth-biggest pool of assets in the world. Even so, we have chronically under-invested in energy, water, transport and communications infrastructure. Our electricity grid is among the… Continue reading Private nation building


Centring marginalised voices… geographically.

As a follow up to a reading for Planning Theory and History that I enjoyed, a chapter from Cities for Sale by Leonie Sandercock, my tutor went the extra mile and emailed me a link to the author speaking at a conference in Vancouver. I replied to her email with this: "Planning is so new to me, I'm really… Continue reading Centring marginalised voices… geographically.

Breaking ground

A place to collect my thoughts as I fumble my way through a Masters of Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne. Mostly links and small thoughts. Maybe some original writing, we'll see. I've been having some doubts about the course - mainly related to workload and limited income. I hope this can be a… Continue reading Breaking ground