Private nation building

“Per capita, Australia is the third-richest nation on earth by economic output, according to International Monetary Fund figures from last year. We have $2 trillion in superannuation funds, the fourth-biggest pool of assets in the world. Even so, we have chronically under-invested in energy, water, transport and communications infrastructure. Our electricity grid is among the dirtiest in the world, we refuse to recycle water, our internet is patchy-to-abysmal and urban congestion costs billions every year.”

tl;dr – Australia is incredibly wealthy and yet can’t seem to reinvest that into public infrastructure. Let’s not even get started on mining and royalties.

The quote above is from Green Fields and Blue Sky by Paddy Manning, published in the Monthly. I looks at the push and pull between private enterprises developing Australia for profit and the slow grinding politics of Australia’s development.

I also appreciated this cutting sentiment:
“Australians crowd around the edges of the continent, hemmed in between a hotter, drier, angrier landmass and the rising seas, leaving FIFO workers and robots run by multinationals to mine and farm the interior.”

Mentioned in the article is Springfield, near Brisbane. I promptly watched this promotional video. Is this a success or a raging disaster? Does it reinvent or just replicate old planning ideas? The mass of giant, flat carparks would suggest the latter.


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