Breaking ground

A place to collect my thoughts as I fumble my way through a Masters of Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne. Mostly links and small thoughts. Maybe some original writing, we’ll see.

I’ve been having some doubts about the course – mainly related to workload and limited income. I hope this can be a place for me to remember why I’m interested in and excited about urban planning. I also hope it can be a place for me to practice compassion widely and deeply, remembering the big here and the long now.

I have a lot of gratitude for my friend Hugh (a fellow MUP student, soon to be graduate) – for his enthusiasm and enduring optimism, general witty banter, and words of encouragement and compliment. The idea for this site was seeded from his very own equivalent.

The first thing I’d like to file away here is an article on the Monthly that one of my tutors sent to me after the submission of my first paper. A thoughtful email, unwittingly at just the right time.

The confused case for corporate gender equality


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